Essay on Dracula

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By Emily Braren
Block 3

Dracula has multi-personalities in the novel Dracula, such as charming when he needed to be charming; and then cruel, nasty, and hostile, at other times. Dracula’s “force”, you could say, had effect on the personalities of several people. Dracula’s main themes he brought out in people were the kind, noble, and brave sides of people, and the more unpleasant sides of people, such as the vicious, easily disliked, and possessed sides of people.

The person who the most faithful follower of Dracula, and the person who was most affected by the presence of Dracula was the infamous asylum patient, Renfield. When Dracula was around, he often took on a possessed quality. He also acted strange, and would run
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For example, several men wanted to save Lucy by donating blood, saying prayers, and doing almost anything they could to help her, such as garlic flowers spread around the room, and blood transfusions. (“As he began to spread out the tools for yet another blood transfusion…” Dracula page 145). Several people cared for Lucy during her time of need, and she was well cared for, which is quite a good influence on the readers, and surrounding characters in the book.

At the beginning of the book, when Dracula and Jonathan Harker first met, the reader first got a sense of rebellion from Jonathan Harker, due to the presence of Dracula. Since rebellion seen in this from is an unattractive quality, the reader first got the sense of sliminess, disgust, and other things from Dracula. Jonathan Harker had both positive and negatives effects put upon him by Dracula. As mentioned before, the first effect put on someone by Dracula was rebellion, and a little dash of temptation. Dracula’s main effects on Jonathan Harker that were negative include the thought of suicide, murder, disgust, hate, and pure dread. Jonathan Harker, however, never became as vicious as others in the novel because he had the will power to stay sane, and deflect the effects of Dracula. (“For there is something so strange about this place I cannot but feel uneasy… Dracula page 32).

Dracula had several good effects on Jonathan Harker though, which included the will power to live and survive the evil reign of

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