Dr. Williams 's Actions And Behaviors Essay

1081 Words Jun 12th, 2016 null Page
Dr. Williams’s actions and behaviors presented a multitude of negative aspects that had a damaging effects on the way he delivered care to his patients and their families. Consequently, this also had harmful effects on the healthcare of his patients. Dr. Williams can be viewed as being cultural incompetent and because of his actions he is beginning to jeopardize his patients’ treatment. Initially, Dr. Williams makes a fundamental mistake of not addressing the underlying cause of why he is experiencing communication difficulties with his patients. Dr. Williams is aware of his cultural incompetence, but does not take the time to address this issue. Instead, he uses his lack of time as an excuse for not learning about the cultures of his patients. Two out of the three patients he has seen on this day clearly have very different cultural backgrounds and to avoid acknowledging this fact is detrimental to the care he provides. Dr. Williams has also allowed his busy schedule to compromise the treatment of his patients. As we watched Dr. Williams rush from family to family, his displays of frustrations began to intimidate the families of his patients. This intimidation has caused patients to withdrawal and be non-compliant with treatment plans. Dr. Williams’s attitude can inadvertently cause the worsening of his patient’s symptoms because they will be reluctant to follow-up if complications still exist.
Specific Behaviors Dr. Williams appears to be very defensive and…

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