Dr. Parris 's ' The Crucible ' Essay

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Tituba also knew that if Betty did not get well soon, she would be blamed for her illness.
While Rev. Parris was sitting on the bed with Betty, guests started arriving at his house. Among the guests were Rebecca Nurse, Corey, John Proctor, Ann Putnam, and Thomas Putnam. These guests had come to Parris home because rumors started to spread around concerning Betty’s condition and some people of the town said that her condition was caused by witchcraft. As Tituba welcomed the guests, she hoped that they would not make a big deal out of it and think of out call witchcraft as the cause. More than anyone else in Parris’ home, she is the one who tried to keep the talks about witchcraft silent. She did this because she knew that the people of Salem could accuse her of being a witch since she was different and practiced acts that Salem people considered unnatural.
Her worry further in increased when Rev. Parris called for Mister Hale to come and examine Betty. Mister Hale was known in Salem for his self-assigned abilities of hunting witches and the agents of the Devil. While waiting for Mister Hale to arrive, Tituba saw Ann and Thomas Putnam going upstairs to examine what was going on with Parris and Betty. She also overheard the Putnam’s tell Parris that their daughter Ruth’s condition was similar to Betty’s and that they thought that the cause was witchcraft. Hearing this, Tituba started contemplating on what action to take. She knew that if Parris questioned Abigail about what…

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