Dr. Moorer 's ' Left Track ' Portion Of The Book ' Essay

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As a former college dropout myself, the ‘Off-track’ portion of the book ‘From Failure to Promise – 360 Degrees’ resonated with me the most. I, too, spent a long time carrying “baggage, regret, and inner turmoil” and for a while wouldn’t go to church in fear of telling anyone that I’d failed (880). Like Dr. Moorer, when I did go, I pretended everything was fine and went to lengths to avoid talking about myself. It was a profoundly lonely time and I felt dirty for living a ‘façade’ that could shatter at any time and expose me for the loser that I believed myself to be. Reading about Dr. Moorer’s experience made me realize that I wasn’t the only person who’d underwent such failures and that I was foolish to let my shame consume so many of my interactions.
I stayed in that miserable state for longer than I’d like to admit, trying to pursue a major that wasn’t right for me because I was afraid people would judge me if I didn’t persevere in it. Dr. Moorer’s suggestion to “try to find a passion (and) do something different” when “you are ever displaced or feel off track” reminds me to refrain myself from entwining my sense of identity with what I do, and to always be open-minded about different career options (910). Even things that “don’t immediately resonate with (me)” can come in handy later (913). Most importantly, however, I should’ve never let the opinions of others affect the decisions I made about my career path. I’d let myself “place doubt in (my) head about ‘who’ (I was)…

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