Dr. Michael Ellis Debakey An Expert Surgeon Essays

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Each glimpse of the “Agnew Clinic”1 painting attracts me with a deep thoughtfulness. It’s a constant inspiration that whispers me sincerely about expertise. It reminds me to be disciplined and focused on my studies which I want to gain expertise and practice for the rest of my life. Speaking of expertise in general brings vivid explanations into the context. It draws my attention to the most profound cardiovascular surgeon of our era, Dr. Michael Ellis DeBakey. He was fondly remembered as a “Cardiac Guru, Pioneer in Innovation and Trailblazer”2. He was the father of open-heart surgery3, first heart transplant and inventor of roller pump for heart lung machine4. A ground breaking researcher but also the man who changed the rules of the surgery game forever by making the path to save lives. And the main question is “What made Dr.DeBakey an expert surgeon?”

He wasn’t a typical physician and he chose to be innovative, creative and take risks. He knew the secret that every surgery is a new learning experience to refine procedures, better patient management and risk mitigation. During World War II Dr. DeBakey conceived mobile army surgical hospital (MASH) units to treat wounded soldiers. Why did he operate in war zone when he could practice in a country side hospital? He positioned himself to face and overcome challenges. That marks the beginning of his fame. It is simply an evidence of how taking less chosen path and acting outside of the box leads to greater achievements.…

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