Dr. King 's Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay

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Dr. King’s letter from Birmingham jail was a letter that defended the strategy of nonviolent actions, which argued people naturally had the urge to break unjust laws. While king was in jail, an ally smuggled in a newspaper that contained an article called “A Call for Unity” which provoked king to write a response to the clergymen criticizing his methods. However, even though the article was written by clergymen in which Dr. King understood their importance and status in the church, Dr. King still managed to write the letter to them in a scholarly way. From another point of view, Malcom X, human rights activist, delivered his public speech at Cory Methodist Church in Ohio. Malcom X separated from the Nation of Islam, which had disagreements with the Civil Rights Movement, and declared his will to participate in the movement. Malcom X had a different approach to pursue civil rights. As opposed to Dr. King, Malcom X supported direct action for social change, and expressed his opinions in his public speech “The Ballot or the Bullet”. Dr. King opens this letter with addressing the clergymen who criticized his actions during protests in Birmingham. Dr. King refers to their claims of him being an “outsider” and defends himself in a straightforward tone, and explains that he was there because of his organizational ties with the SCLC who asked for his nonviolent action program to fight the injustice in Birmingham. Dr. King believed that all cities and towns should work together and…

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