Essay on Dr. John 's Mental Illness

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1. John’s mental illness led him to change his perspective of himself. We see that he becomes very pessimistic, compulsive, and constantly analyzing his relationship with his girlfriend thinking that she was bored with him. We also saw that he spent a lot of his time focusing on what he had done wrong in his life. Because of his mental illness, John was held behind while his friends all graduated college and moved on so he felt lonely and isolated and his problems came back and he went into an institution. The process of going into the institution seem to have affected him in a way that the outside world seemed ‘problematic’ to him while inside the institution he was starting to get back to his former self. As we have talked about this process of institutionalization can affect people significantly as their identity is basically stripped down and they become apart of the institution creating a dichotomy between them on the ‘inside’ and the ‘outside’. After the institution, when John moves to a hostel, he hides his true identity from the new friends he made by telling them he works at the hostel and that is why he is there. Probably because of the stigmatization of mental illness John feels like he has to lie to “pass” as normal (Goffman). This shows how important his identity is to him in that he feels he need to hide the fact that he has a mental illness and that it is easy for him because of his quick wit and calm personality (which have been a significant part of his…

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