Dr.Faustus as a Tragedy Relevant to All Times Essay

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Discuss Dr.Faustus as a tragedy relevant to all times.

The word tragedy finds its origin in Greek spirit,theory and mythology in the word tragedia. Tragedy tends to bring to mind the thoughts of pity and sympathy. According to Aristotle, the famous Greek philosopher emotions of pity and fear are aroused while watching or listening to a tragedy. Tragedy is a play that represents a central action or plot that is serious and significant. These plays involve a main character that is a normal human being with his share of good and bad characteristics. The protagonist is socially active, intelligent and a learned man. A tragic play entails both verbal and dramatic irony. Dr. Faustus was perhaps the most well written tragedy of its times and
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He comments that he has studied and practiced every subject he has undertaken be it logic,medicine,law or even divinity. The story of Dr. Faustus’ deceptions commences with his personification of the Renaissance man; the man who has sought exhaustive knowledge an all possible subjects and has become the ‘overreacher’ in Christopher Marlowe’s words, but still is insatiable. The writer brings out the strengths, the heroism and the dignity of the protagonist for his capabilities and also brings out the irony this quest and deception lead to which is failure and damnation of the hero.

When Dr. Faustus realizes that he knows it all he tries to gain more knowledge by making a pact with the devil believing that the devil will give him what he desires; even the forbidden knowledge. Faustus then sets himself to believe that there is’nt anything like hell. Putting together the two deceptions, Faustus strikes a deal with Lucifer, the prince of devils, in the presence of another devil Mephitosphilis who serves Lucifer, to allot Faustus twenty four years on earth during which Mephitosphilis will be doctor’s personal servant and that the doctor will be able to do and attain anything that he wishes for. In return for this deal, Faustus gives the right to Lucifer to claim his soul at the end of the contract after twenty-four years. He signs the contract in his own blood and even though there is a divine intervention and

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