Dr. Coontz 's Talk Essay

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In Dr. Coontz’s talk, she discusses common myths about and the history of marriage and family. She informatively and succinctly exposes myths and terminates common misconceptions about the history of family, while explaining the current age of familial flexibility.
Single parent families and stepfamilies are concepts that are typically thought out of as new occasions, however, Dr. Coontz explains how they are more traditional than we think they are. As it turns out, one-parent families were actually quite standard throughout most of history.
This was largely due to high death rates. Looking back at the beginning of the 19th century reveals that the majority of marriages ended with death approximately ten years prior to the last child being old enough to leave the home and live on their own. Children were not more likely to experience divorce rather than death before they reached their teenaged years until the 19th century. Moreover, stepfamilies were also quite a conventional form. The problems were different in these families than the ones that occur today because the relationships were more about power and property. Stepparents were eager to rid of children from previous marriages to ensure that property and other fortunes would assuredly be given to the children of their new marriages. Today, most problems occur due to new parents wanting love to develop too quickly.
The issues are not the same for the past and the present.

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Likewise, divorce is also not a new…

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