Love And Institution Marriage

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When one thinks about marriage, it is pretty common to think about love as well, but in reality, marriage and love don’t always correlate. In some point in history, father 's would give their daughters to men who promised to give something in exchange for them and to take them in and care for them. With or without her approval, this benefited the girl’s family because now they had one less mouth to feed. Love and romance was once considered to be a threat to noblemen and women, it was believed that experiencing such emotions could possibly lead one to lose focus on their social responsibilities (Lamanna, Riedmann, & Stewart, 2015, p.172), so to avoid such threats marriages were arranged. This doesn’t just stay in history, even now in today’s …show more content…
In chapter seven, the textbook presents to us three different kinds of marriages, they are the institutional marriage, companionate marriage, and the individualized marriage. Institutional marriage is considered to be the traditional marriage, meaning the accustomed idea of marriage in one’s culture. Institutional marriages are patriarchal, which means that the husband has full authority over his wife and children. In ancient Rome, the paterfamilias (family father) had authority over their sons lives until he died (Lamanna, Riedmann, & Stewart, 2015, p.173). The boys could be married, but father always had a right to say in their lives. This has seemed to cool down over time though. In fact it wasn’t until the 1960s and 70s where men who demanded complete obedience from their wives and children to be considered a social problem labeling it as an abuse. Economic security comes into play in these kind of marriages as well; what will you give me and how much will it cost me? Companionate marriage is big on companionship. The husband is the one who brings the money to the house and the wife took care of all the needs in the house. Both husband and wife had pride in doing exceptionally in their specific roles. This kind of marriage was seen a lot during the 1950s and it was considered to be exceptional (Lamanna, Riedmann, & Stewart, 2015). Individualized marriage is the modern marriage. Individualized marriage is …show more content…
It is very hard to argue that these three things aren’t important in a marriage, but there’s way more to marriage than just that. A successful marriage is obtained through how well the union between husband’s and wife’s needs are met, this refers to the whole concept of costs and rewards. This will help the marriage to stay in balance. Marriage is not just about

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