Down Syndrome : A Life Long Disorder Essay

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Imagine facing two choices: parents having to abort their unborn baby, or they go through the pregnancy knowing their child is going to have Down syndrome, knowing that raising him or her will not be easy. Many parents face this choice everyday. According to Peggy Parks, author of Down Syndrome, 80 to 90 percent of unborn babies diagnosed with Down syndrome are aborted (19). Everyday, all around the world babies are diagnosed with Down syndrome and parents are facing this choice. Down syndrome is a physical and mental disorder resulting from a chromosome malfunction in their DNA. Down syndrome is a complex disorder that can have a wide range of effects and little to no treatment, resulting in patients having to learn to live with the disorder.
OVERVIEW OF DOWN SYNDROME In the article “Down Syndrome” author Arlene Courtney,states, “English physician John L. H. Down is credited with recording the first clinical description of Down syndrome in 1886.” Down syndrome, or Trisomy 21, is a syndrome originally called Mongolism because of the epicanthic fold that gave children Asian looking eyes, but the term was later changed to Down syndrome to be more racially correct (Courtney). Down syndrome is a disorder resulting from an extra chromosome. The extra chromosome is from chromosome nondisjunction--or improper dividing of genetic material during meiosis. This occurs in chromosome pair 21. Chahira Kozma, author of “What Is Down Syndrome” in…

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