Essay about Double Standard Of Gender Roles

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Double Standard of Gender Roles Throughout history men are held to a higher standard than women. Men are viewed as the ones with political, corporate and economic power able to control the world we live in, but women on the other hand are viewed as the opposite, the standard of women are seen as the ones who stayed home, take care and nurture the kids, provide food for the family and maintain the household. According to American anthropologist Conrad Kottak, gender roles are tasks and activities the culture assigns to men and women (2008). There are numerous ways determining and understanding how gender roles of men and women are to be expected, and upheld in society. Gender roles begin as early as childhood in American society. Boys are traditionally identified with the color blue. Blue is viewed as a masculine color which is why when boys are born Americans celebrate with blue banners and balloons displaying” It’s A Boy!”, along with their clothes and that continues as they grow up, girls are celebrated with the same American traditions except they identified with the color pink symbolizing femininity. Not just color but toys as well, boys play with trucks and cars whereas girls play with dolls and doll houses. Gender theorists believe there are more than one characteristic to determine gender roles due to different cultures and theorist believe gender roles is a social construct rather than something we inherited biologically (Gender and Culture 2014). Even though these…

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