Double Logic Of Remediation: The Five Principles Of New Media

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1. Remediation is the reshaping of a medium. Two important media theorists, Bolter and Grusin encounter a paradox. A very important aspect of remediation is hypermediacy. “Hypermediacy is the opposite of transparent immediacy in that hypermediacy’s goal is not transparency, but rather to be very apparent so that the user may interact with the interface.” The attempt of reaching remediation that starts from mediation. Both theorists encountered the “double logic of remediation”. What the double logic of remediation states is that our culture wants us to multiply the media we have in order to delete all the other traces of mediation. What the article states is the logic of immediacy that is one the two logic that Bolter and Grusin encountered, …show more content…
These principles of New Media are general tendencies of a culture undergoing computerization. The more you go on the more these tendencies will manifest more and more. Every object is reduced to numbers and Manovich states that everything is created as a mathematical representation. For example, photographs and movies are made of numbers of small pieces, such as pixels. “ All new media objects, whether they are created from scratch on computers or converted from analog media sources, are composed of digital code; they are numerical representations. When media object is created on computers, they originate in numerical form. The meta-medium is a word explaining the capability of any computer that influence and contaminate other media depending on the software. From analog to digital it is assumed that the data is continuous. Analog media involved manually assembled elements into a specific …show more content…
Technology and the internet are a continuous distraction for human beings, thanks to advertisings that pop out on the screen, hyperlinks, various notification for all social network, messages news and emails. Nicholas Carr argues that the continuous spreading of digital technology is having a profound effect on our ability to acquire knowledge and that our brain is in the process of being rewired in order to adapt to the new digital media. Along with what Nicholas Carr is saying, is that our understanding is going worse thanks to how technology gives us information so quickly with the internet. As all things in life everything has pros and cons. According to Clive Thompson, Carr is wrong because thanks to these quick method of gaining information, we can still gain profit from online information. If I should now see myself in a world without technology nor internet I couldn’t be able to continue. The internet and all the digital technology for example, allows people to connect with one another even though there is a big distance between them. Facebook, emails etc. are what keep in contact with people abroad.
As stated by Clive Thompson, ambient awareness is what really defines the sense that we are really close to the other person through the medium that we can feel the voice perfectly, we can talk face to face as if that person were right across the

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