Dorothy Parker Analysis

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Stephanie Nolan
Professor Freeman
Comp. 111 Dorothy Parker
Though her name is not known by all, her words are spoken by many. Dorothy Parker was a woman of strength and attitude whose prose, poetry, and short stories have lived on in literary relevance through almost a century. Her modernist views were criticized, her status as a female author scorned, and her brilliance was envied. If it were not for being Black Listed in the 50’s Parker would have been a name of legends. She is an example of living art in that her life influenced her work, and her work influenced her life. Dorothy Parker had a tough life from the very beginning; born in 1893 to Jacob and Annie Rothschild, she was a strong girl who grew into an independent woman.
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Her reviews of others work showcase her blunt attitude and scathing wit. Her early writing style most often employed sarcasm and a tentative balance between romantic and flippant. “Indian Summer”, one of Parkers better known poems, is about her transition from a young lady willing to subject herself to the sexism of the early 1900’s, to the outspoken woman she is known to represent. The first four lines of alternating rhyme describe herself as a compliant girl; someone prepared to quiet her voice so as not to drown out those of the men she desires. By chasing boys and sleeping around Dorothy Parker was already familiar with breaking social norms in a time where girls were expected to be celibate, even before her metamorphosis into independence. In her final words of the poem she portrays her new-found comfort with speaking out and refuses to hide behind silence any longer, with the words “if you do not like me so, to hell my love, with you!” (Death and Taxes). The contrast in the beginning and ending of her poem is what she becomes known for later in her career. “Indian Summer” exemplifies the sarcastic tone she often takes on while still balancing the effects of the passive-romantic first four lines with the more declarative-brassy tone of the last four …show more content…
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Indian Summer
Threat to a Fickle Lady Indian Summer
In youth, it was a way I

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