Jesus Christ The Ransom Analysis

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In Doriani appendix A he explains that how to form a sermon properly using CAPTOR. Doriani breaks one of his sermon titled Jesus Christ the Ransom, for many which focuses on Matthew 20:20-28. He shows that his sermon is focused on the fallen-condition focus. The sermon has a theme statement, applications, and multiple context breakdowns such as historical, literary, and a broad context. He also breaks his sermon down by main points that will have an explanation by a given application. Then finally the sermon is finished with a conclusion.
In Doriani appendix B he is writing to explain how as interpreter we should pick a text to use the CAPTOR skills on. He states that there is no formula for determining the correct length of a passage. The
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Discourses all have a main theme, leading idea that attempts to explain or prove a point. Six kinds of logical arguments are: 1.) reason-result, 2.) Means-purpose, 3.) means-result, 4.) condition-consequence, 5.) concession-contraption, and 6.) grounds-conclusion. Doriani then explains how most modern English and Greek words indicate relations between the propositions in the new testament. Doriani expresses the importance of this through a three-page chart showing English to Greek comparison of certain words like series and progression and many …show more content…
He starts with Historical texts, which is about one-third of the Bibles writings. Doriani gives four questions first, then while you are reading what kind of things we should take notes on in a historical text such as a list of characters. Then we should be aware and take note of the behavior and attitudes in the text. Doriani gives guidelines for the proper use of a historical text. He then gives an illustration and concludes historical texts. Doriani then goes on to describe the application of a theological text. Start by have a knowledge of the text, follow the guidelines, then he gives an illustration of how it can be used and then concludes. Doriani explains how to apply an ethical text. When applying an ethical text, we should follow the guidelines Doriani provides and the basic principles of what an ethical text is. Doriani also gives advice and shortly walks you through how to apply a prophecy, songs and prayers and a wisdom text to finish the chapter

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