Dorian Gray Reflection

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Register to read the introduction… Lord Henry is a man of many philosophies and of much charm and wit. He lures Dorian into believing every word he utters. Dorian's life and personality are remade for the likes of Lord Henry who "would seek to dominate him - had already, indeed, half done so. He would make that wonderful spirit his own" (54) Lord Henry accomplishes this by continuously uttering nonsense such as "youth is the only thing worth having." (34) Lord Henry leads him to believe that it is imperative to be young and beautiful to achieve absolutely anything and that is what causes Dorian to make the wish that changes his life forever. The insanity of Lord Henry's thoughts soon become Dorian's problem. Without acknowledging it, Dorian begins to speak and think like Henry. One night at a dinner party Basil advances on Dorian and remarks that "you talk as if you had no heart, no pity in you. It is all Harry's influence, I see that." (152) Further and further does our tragic hero fall under the influences of Lord Henry. The more he is drawn into Lord Henry's clutches the less chance he has of escaping true corruption. It is because of Lord Henry that Dorian has forgotten how to love. He appears to have " lost the passion, and forgotten the desire." (285) Henry is also responsible for Dorian's ignorance and indifferent attitude towards the suicide of Sybil …show more content…
It is in this novel that a man by the name of Dorian Gray is slowly and completely debauched by the end of the novel. His soul is transformed from innocence to pure evil. The vile crimes and acts which make this transformation possible are mainly to be blamed on the portrait that changes as his soul changes, his companion, Lord Henry Wotton, and Dorian's slow decent into homosexuality. It is evident by the conclusion of the novel that Dorian has become a dissolute and perverse man who cannot understand that vanity and the thrill of "new sensations" are not what run the

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