Donald Trump Safety Pin Movement

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Hello. Now that Donald Trump is elected-president, some people are wearing safety pins for those who will be hurt under Donald Trumps rule. You wear the pin to make yourself feel less guilty because you think it’ll make a difference. I feel that the safety pin movement is an empty gesture because it doesn’t have any positive outcomes for the people who would be affected. Oluo argues about the white people expecting the pins to make a difference and she’s right because they are expecting it to make change instead of doing the change themselves. The pin is really small in size and none of the people you are wearing it for know the reason behind it. I think the safety pin is not a powerful statement because it doesn’t get any attention and it doesn’t give the people impacted any hope.
When you wear a safety pin, it won’t come out with an outcome. The safety pin movement maybe popular for those who benefit from Trump becoming president, but it’s just about wearing a tiny safety pin. No other actions go into the movement, which makes people scared because there is nothing happening to help them. You wear the pin with pride, but you 're not helping
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The safety pin is to simple and silent, most people don’t even know it’s going on. The marginalized people I know, I asked them if they knew about the safety pin movement. Some didn 't know what I was talking about and others knew about, didn 't know where the people had them on. Since the pins were so small, it’s really hard to find them on a person.This movement doesn’t stand out and not even the people you are wearing it for know about it. I agree with Oluo because it’s about the safety pins won’t bring any change and we as a nation have to act to it to fix the mistakes. It needs to start now and stop racism, stop segregation and make a movement that would be heard all over the world and bring americans

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