Don 't Give Up? Essay

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Don’t Give Up
Suicide among teens is becoming more common in the last few years. Unfortunately, teens who commit suicide pass on their pain to the ones who care about them. Teens who commit suicide are prompted by depression or events that occur in their life. Teen suicide should not be the only answer. Suicide can be replaced with more constructive ways to deal with depression, such as treatment and antidepressants.

Teens who choose to commit suicide have many factors that influenced their decision. Factors that are school related have an effect on the he because he he spends much of his time there. hes are affected by their performance in school. Struggling with school subjects can cause depression and self-deprecation. Furthermore, hes that feel rejected by his friends and peers may develop self-conscious behaviors. hes can also be affected by non-school related events. Deaths of people close to the a can greatly affect him. The death or suicide of a friend he knows over the internet can also greatly impact him. In addition, self hatred and feelings of worthlessness are also a significant factor in depression. Another influence of depression is caused by family related problems. Violence in the home can influence depression or self hatred. Also, a common factor in teenage suicides is mental disorders such as bipolar disorder and manic depression. Teen pregnancy also is a major factor of depression and suicidal behaviors. If a teen with depression becomes pregnant, the…

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