Don 't Blame The Eater Essay

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In his article, Don 't Blame the Eater, David Zinczenko applauds youngsters that are suing McDonalds restaurants. Zinczenko sympathizes with the fast food patrons and supports their claims that the fast food company is making kids fat. Although I agree with Zinczenko that eating too much fast food is unhealthy, I cannot accept his overriding assumption that fast food restaurants are solely to blame for the childhood obesity epidemic (393). Furthermore, Zinczenko overlooks what I consider an important point about responsibility parents have for the health and welfare of their children. Parents, not fast food restaurants, are liable for the policing of children 's diet and exercise. Parents of young children have a duty to provide them with adequate nutrition and healthy food options. Sometimes the most convenient food is not the healthiest option, as in the case of most fast food restaurants. But with a little planning and preparation healthy meals and snacks can be readily available, so that children do not feel like fast food is their only option. For example, parents can cut up fresh fruits and vegetables, and place them in single serving containers for easy consumption. Likewise, preparing extra meals ahead on the weekend and storing them in the freezer will make for a quick and nutritional meal when you are in a hurry. Most would agree that either recommendation would be more nutritional then what is offered by a fast food restaurant. Critics might claim that…

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