Why Dont Blame Fast Food Restaurants

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Don’t blame it on restaurants, blame it on yourself
Obesity is a serious problem affecting our population that fast food restaurants are wrongfully blamed for. This problem affects children, adolescents, and elderly adults. Being overweight can cause many health problems and even death. Society understands that people get obese as a result of a poor diet that would be eating junk food and convenience food such as fast food. Chances of becoming obese increase if you exercise less. However, in my point of view Fast food restaurants should not be accountable for one’s obesity problems because it’s a personal choice, lack of exercise, and because people are too lazy to cook. Firstly, many people blame fast food restaurants for obesity problems even though the decision of consuming that
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People are very lazy and rather than go buy the groceries and spent a lot of money, prefer to go to a restaurant where they spend less and eat instantly without having to cook. According to Kenner, a family purchases fast food for three reasons it’s quick, readily available and people are unaware of the damage it causes (Food, Inc.). In other words, people save time and money by going to fast food restaurants. In the documentary Food, Inc. a family is shown shopping for their food at a supermarket. The mother states that “Sometimes you look at a vegetable… we can get two hamburgers for the same amount of price.” Fast food restaurants are even starting to improve their meals. An example is a McDonald’s happy meal which offers apples instead of fries for the kids. This is a good healthy habit that kids can get used to from a very young age. Fast food restaurants offer a variety of meals in their menu, some of these include salads and burgers. While they’re both on the menu it is up to each person whether to eat the healthy or the unhealthy

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