Pro Vietnam War Essay

These papers proved that the government was hiding information from the citizens and many people thought that the government couldn’t be trusted. While the anti-Vietnam groups were influential there was also pro-Vietnam War groups.
The pro-Vietnam War communities played a major role in the development and the US withdrawal from the Vietnam War. The pro-Vietnam War groups were in support of the war and thought that it was necessary for the US to intervene in order to stop the spread of communism. Also a large group supporting the war was because if the US withdrew all of its troops from Vietnam then the South Vietnamese would inevitably lose the war and be overcome by communism. There beliefs were influenced by the propaganda being spread around the country. For example, “the ‘Domino theory’ coined by President Eisenhower in 1954 could be seen as the first propaganda effort to justify U.S. assistance for South Vietnamese government” (Kubia). This theory stated that once communism spread to one country all the neighboring countries would then follow in suit. Being in the middle of the Cold War, this theory influenced many Americans and the Domino Theory proved to be an effective way to gain more support in the war. The government's use of propaganda to garner support for the war suggests that some of their rational was questionable.
Once Nixon implemented the policy of Vietnamization, the members of pro-Vietnam War
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The effect of the war resulted in lasting impacts on not only the soldiers but also on the population as a whole. This shows that the Vietnam War was not only fought in Vietnam but also in the US. The anti-Vietnam movement was posed against the pro-Vietnam movement. The treatment of veterans coming home from the war also illustrated how the country was so immersed with the politics of the war they did not even focus on the soldiers who risked their lives fighting for their

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