Essay about Domestic Violence in the United States

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Domestic Violence in the United States
Domestic violence can simply be described as a behavioral pattern established specifically to effect control and authority over another person by means of coercion, fear and constantly through use of violence. It is a deep-rooted societal problem and it can befall anyone irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, race or even ethnicity. Despite being an established state in terms incorporating its social and economic issues, Domestic Violence is still predominant in the U.S.
Regardless of the fact that women are more likely to be the victims of intimate partner violence, Domestic Violence surpasses the gender boundary. Countless individuals have fallen victim of domestic
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Most survivors end up experiencing chronic conditions and gastrointestinal disorders. Consequently, Domestic violence has emerged as a costly necessity and the U.S government is paying a bitter price for this. Annually, domestic violence costs the country over 37 billion dollars in mental and health treatment, legal work and law enforcements. Many companies have fall victim of lost productivity attributable to the high levels of absenteeism.
Social Learning Theory and Domestic Violence
Social learning theory suggests that domestic violence is an acquired behavior modelled and stimulated by situational and contextual factors such as money, stress, alcohol abuse and above all broken family relationships. This theory primarily focuses on how children develop a sense of rightward approach towards aggression. They grow up believing that aggression is right and acceptable when resolving conflicts particularly during an intimate relationship context. Domestic violence researchers have discovered that children exposed to family aggression are more likely to later on portray similar characteristics towards their own family members; assaulters are more likely to have been brought up by violent fathers (McEwen, 1994).
The intergenerational origin and transmission of aggressive behavior is directly linked to the principles of modeling; depiction

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