Domestic Violence And Sexual Assault Essay

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Noël Busch-Armendariz, a professor and director of the Institute on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, spoke about research on modern slavery. She discussed the prevalence of slavery on today 's streets as well as the importance of researching this issue in order to prevent enslavement. One of her main ideas was that we should be asking the difficult questions about the issue in order to solve this serious crime. Noël caused me to start thinking of how we should be viewing human trafficking and about the way that society reacts these sort of global issues. I agree with her idea that we should be asking these questions that disrupt the status quo in order to move pass the belief that we are powerless to bring about a difference in this world.
Noël explains how human trafficking is the second most concerning crime on the global scale with 21 to 30 million enslaved today worldwide including 6,000 current victims in the US. One of her opening examples of modern human trafficking was the iPhone. She explained that children in East Africa are being coerced to mine minerals that are needed to produce coltan, a material that is used in the production of everything electronic. This includes phones, computers, game consoles, cameras, TV 's, and even cars. So, as a result of child slavery occurring on a different continent, almost every consumer in America is indirectly contributing to human trafficking. She states that after learning this fact, no one is going to and no one should…

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