Domestic Life Of An Upper Class White Family Essay

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Domestic life of an upper class white family, would include employing an African American maid and having them take care of the household chores and duties along with looking after younger children. The white women can then socialise while the fathers are at work. One the other hand, domestic life for a black family is much more basic. Although it is not poverty, their houses are much smaller, and they don’t have maids to take care of their children, while they’re at work.
The roles and expectations of woman varied through the segregated society of Jackson, Mississippi. The typical African American woman would act as a cook, housekeeper, and/or maid. White woman weren’t expected to work, neither in nor out of their homes. The white woman are valued in the society by their ability to produce children who are then cared for by the maids. “Miss Hilly was the first of the babies to have a baby. And it must have come out of her like the eleventh commandment, cause once Miss Hilly had the baby, every girl at the bridge table had to have one too.” Aibileen

This image is taken at Elizabeth’s baby shower. It shows that the white woman are the ones to socialize while the African American woman are expected to be at their service as maids. The photo is a medium shot as it shows both the people and only half of their body, but could also be interpreted as a long shot as it shows the background. The light behind the woman brightens up the image and makes them the main focal…

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