Domestic Causes Of Regime Change On China 's Authoritarian Regime

1378 Words Nov 15th, 2016 6 Pages
Throughout history there have been three known regime wave changes. These changes occurred from around 1825 until 1995. Throughout this time there were “‘waves’ of ..[of both]…democratization…and ‘reverse waves’ of democratization’”(Samuels 2013a pp.121). As time has progressed more countries have turned towards a democratic government; however, certain factors have to be apparent in order for a country to successfully transform it’s governmental system. Even though “democracy reigns in almost half the world’s states” (Samuels 2013a pp. 93), there are still instances where a country is unlikely to change it’s regime. While some countries appear to be continuously involved in regime changes, China is not one of them. In this paper I will argue that domestic causes of regime change will not affect China’s authoritarian regime due to the “rapidly strengthening..[status] of it’s state” (Samuels 2013b, pp. 379). Due to the fact that countries have undergone regime change, it is important to analyze why these processes have taken place. There are several factors to consider when considering a countries’ decision to change regime; both domestic and international. The three main domestic factors considered important regarding regime change are civic culture, economic change, and military coup. It is believed that a country is more likely to change its regime if some of these aspects are apparent; however, it is still unknown how exactly these changes occur due to the fact that…

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