Does The X Or Y Chromosome Really Determine What Role We Will Play?

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Does the X or Y chromosome really determine what role we will play in society? Are women only on this earth to be the caregivers to their husbands and children. Not so long ago, women’s role in society was mainly just that, woman took care of the home, and family. Men’s role was to be the bread winner, then would come home to a serving wife. Crystal Eastman, discusses in her essay, “Now We Can Begin,” that women are more than just being a caregiver, and Eastman called for the social gap between woman and men to end, and both sexes to be equal. Eastman first starts out discussing about how wonderful it was that the Tennessee Legislature passed the Federal suffrage amendment, but this wasn’t or should not be the end of the fight for woman to be equal. Yes, it was a wonderful start for women, but men are not to think this where it should end. What women want and deserve is freedom, and for men to think women will settle for just the right to vote, well they are wrong, woman want freedom, (Eastman 1). Women know that they must still survive and know they must play the role in society to make it day by day. However, as Eastman illustrates that even though women are loyal, freedom to live their lives are also needed, (Eastman 2). Eastman discusses how a man does not seem to know what is wrong with women. Even a husband, believes that is she has all she needs, that she is taking care of her children, that she is ok. However, the attitude the husband has about his wife is wrong…

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