Essay on Does Technology Affect Memory And Its Ability?

1495 Words Jun 12th, 2016 null Page
Does technology affect memory and its ability to remember? Memory is a crucial part of humankind, it`s how individuals remember significant events that are meaningful to them and therefore treasure them for the rest of their lives. However, throughout the years, the ways an individual chooses to remember has changed. Memory has become more advanced through technology by relying on it to remember therefore the importance of remembering is fading. Consequently, technology is making humankind 's brains lose their purpose and capacity to remember. Therefore, the art of remembering should not rely on technology but allow the human being to truly remember and want to remember by creating and allowing those memories to be stored in their memory to treasure forever. Technology is not the preferred method to store memories because it allows people to lose the importance of what those memories meant for them which is the exact opposite of what remembering is. Technology allows people to think that it is all right to rely on technology but in reality technology is controlling those individuals. For instance, technology stores photos of memorable moments but once the individual looks back at those photos that person won’t be able to truly remember what was so significant about them because that individual didn’t take the time to make it significant for themselves. Therefore, technology "changes how [people] think and how [they] use [their] brains" (Foer, 160). This shows how…

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