Does Slavery Still Exist? Essay

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In today’s society, individuals are simply expected to be loyal citizens of their countries by adhering to their nation’s laws and paying annual federal taxes. Moreover, this notion has remained constant even throughout our revolutionizing history and has made the opportunity of equal rights for everyone regardless of gender or race seem almost unattainable. In Nobodies: Does Slavery Still Exist? by John Bowe and Long Walk to Freedom by Nelson Mandela, both authors expose the brutal sufferings of select individuals’ everyday lives and how these revelations have inspired ordinary citizens to stand up against their government and call for a necessary, significant change. However, the extent of contribution from a citizen’s proper role to gain social justice for all is vastly dissimilar due to contrasting cultures and ethnicities.
In relation to civil rights in the United States, Bowe argues that the government has turned a blind eye towards the involuntary servitude occurring in the agricultural sector of the economy which has created the concept now known as “Modern Slavery”. Furthermore, Bowe conveys the message that everyone and anyone should persuade the government to create a clear cut stand against this horrid industry through unmasking the harsh realities of these naïve, vulnerable workers. The journey that several of these immigrants have to go through in order to make a life for themselves in the United States and achieve the so-called “American Dream” is a…

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