Does Religion Matter In Marriage Essay

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Whether you are a Buddhist , Catholic , Jehovah Witness , Christian etc. Does religion matter

In a Marriage ? " For most people, the God they serve and their faith, is at the core of their essence. I’m not any different. My mom is Baptist and my Dad is a Jehovah’s Witness. I was raised as a believer of Jesus Christ. I respect my father’s way of life and have even tolerated some of his attempts to convert me, but my heart has never been swayed. " In this example the person says they have not been swayed to any religion which is fine , but lets say if this person was a Jehovah Witness and this person would get in a relationship with a catholic would it matter ? Most likely not because these two human beings fell in love with each other.

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Instead it gives ya 'll two a stronger bond because its not about you anymore you have to respect your partners religion and that’s were yalls bond gets stronger because you two have different ways of thinking …show more content…
It wont be easy ,but it will all be worth when you talk about your beliefs be proud of what you are and were you come from because God is watching you and you shouldn’t be embarrassed of your church. Does religion matter in a marriage ? No because if you really love that person enough to marry him/her their religion shouldn’t bother you and if it does you married the wrong partner and that’s not okay.

Love has no label sometimes we forget that and that is the important thing to understand in a marriage or before getting in a relationship with anyone so whether you are looking for a long term relationship or marriage if their religion bothers you don’t marry that person but if it doesn’t always fight for what you love no matter how hard it get or hard the battle is love can beat anything no matter the situation or

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