Does Religion Cause War? Essay

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Does religion cause war?
Every culture and society in the world has some form of religion. The most popular religions in the world today are Christianity, Buddhism, and the Muslim religions. Members of every religion follow some form of philosophy or ideology that shape their thinking and behaviors. One common thing about the existing religions is the presence of a supreme being. The Supreme Being exists in many names with different abilities depending on religion, cultures and geographic location of people. The purpose of humanity also differs from religion to religion. Members of a particular religion will always defend their religion as propagating peace and ensuring the unity of the society. Followers should extend love to other members of the society and act as ambassadors of peace to their religions. Despite all the efforts to defend depict religion as sources of peace; religion is a cause of many wars in the world today. People misinterpret existing religious ideologies serve their interest that at times turn out to be causing war. Religious ideologies brainwash populations who end up acting violently in different deviant forms (Richardson, 518). Brainwashing, great overreliance, and love for one’s religion create a barrier between individuals from different religions and societies. Different religions create barriers and hatred making religion a source war and not peace within the society.
Religious leaders have used the scriptures to control and brainwash religious…

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