Does Reinforcement Affect Individual Differences? Behavior? Essay

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Does Reinforcement Affect Individual Differences in Behavior?
Sierra Spencer
Psychology 101-001
Indiana State University
18 November 2016 Does Reinforcement Affect Individual Differences in Behavior? There are two different kinds of reinforcement, positive and negative. Both types end in a desired behavior, but positive adds a stimulus and a negative takes away a stimulus. The question that comes to mind is do individuals respond differently to them or not. There are numerous different articles that discuss how individuals respond to the reinforcement and each one is different. Under what circumstances does reinforcement affect individual differences in behavior? Different kinds of research have been done that can lead to an answer for this question. In one article, the researchers perform an experiment on chimpanzees. The chimpanzees are being tested to see how they react when the reinforcement is present and when it is not on timed intervals. The results of the experiment show that response was higher with the time outs than without the time outs. The article shows the rates at which they are responding under time-out conditions ranged from 5.1 and 2.3 for Chimpanzee No. 67 and then 3.7 and 1.6 for Chimpanzee No. 97 (Ferster, 1958). The time outs, indicated by a red light, the first day were for one minute and for 30 seconds on the second day. This shows that having a time-out gives a time where the stimulus, food, is present which acts as the positive reinforcer…

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