Does Personality Exist Essay

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Does Personality Exist in the World Around Us?
Do you ever question yourself what the meaning and purpose is behind some of the most complex areas of life and possibly life after death? In the 2004 movie, I Heart Huckabees, an existential detective couple who is married work together to help people find the answers to all of their existential questions. In particular, the two existential detectives, Bernard and Vivian Jaffe, set out on a mission to help a young adult by the name of Albert Markovski, after his request for help to solve the reasons behind a particular coincidence occurring in his life. Throughout the movie Bernard and Vivian observe Albert nearly every second of his day, in hopes to find the smallest clues as to what may be causing
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To some personality exists and to others it does not, but that is the question people often have different opinion on. Throughout the I Heart Huckabees film the main characters each resembled significance in personality. The main character, Albert Markoviski, portrays the self and how one thinks about the world around them. According to William James there are four versions of the self, including the material self, the social self, the spiritual self, and the true self. A person’s true self is who they really are, and it is what causes some people but not all, to have the deepest questions pertaining to finding one’s self (Twenge & Campbell, 2017). There are different versions of the self, and Albert in the movie is a good representation of the self, because of how he chooses to question himself and the roles he plays in society and at his work place. Pertaining to the true self and Albert, throughout the movie he undergoes awareness through authenticity, and realizes his strengths and weaknesses and the motives behind what he does in …show more content…
Throughout the movie, personality is being assessed, but mainly through observing behavior and through clinical interviews. The Personality Psychology textbook explains how a person’s personality can be shown through the behaviors they portray. In my opinion, a person’s behaviors can reflect who they are and their personality. In the movie, the existential detectives observed every move Albert made, because they felt as if they could see Albert in his truest state, they could gain a better understanding of his thought process and daily life. Along with that, while at the offices of the existential therapists, Albert was often questioned through an unstructured interview as a part of a clinical assessment. When concerning formal and informal assessments in the movie, informal assessments were done to help understand if things are always connected in life. Because the focus was more on behavior and performance, data was not a key aspect in the

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