Doctor Or Physician A Word Meaning Healer Essay

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The world of medicine is nothing short of amazing, the ability to take the sick and suffering and completely turn their life around is nothing short of a miracle. There is a special name we give to these hero’s, to these miracle workers if you please. Doctor or Physician a word meaning healer. Though this world of physicians has many different specialties there is one specific that I will be highlighting. That is the astonishing work of the neurosurgeon. A profession that is not for the faint at heart, a genius with miraculous hands that has overcome years of education and training in order to make him or her nothing short of perfect, along with the trouble that are faced during residencies and the constant battle of fatigue and sleep deprivation. After speaking to many medical students I was told that no two routes into medical school are the same, and no two people decided on medicine for the same reasons. Take Dr.Q who grew up watching his grandmother deliver babies and heal the people of his pueblo. The choice for him to be a doctor came from the joy he felt when his grandmother made people feel better, as he says “the joy that came from helping others was part of my makeup, passed on to me in my DNA. More importantly, I had desire. My decision was clear: I had to become a doctor!”(Dr.Q, 118). It is a decision into a career that will consume majority of our life. With that in mind we begin our journeys in undergrad. The road to M.D. has been said to begin during the…

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