Doctor Carson Thank You For Your Patronage Of The Wolf And Williams Consulting Group

1308 Words Dec 1st, 2015 6 Pages
Doctor Carson thank you for your patronage of the Wolf and Williams consulting group. Our company has been hard at work detailing and outlining a media campaign strategy for the upcoming 2016 presidential election. In the current campaign we are looking to optimize resources by focusing on using free media coverage, specialized advertisements and face to face contact. During each stage of your campaign each strategy will pay a pivotal role in voter turnout. Free media coverage will be the spear head of our strategy saving financial and personnel resources for other parts of the campaign. Specialized advertisements and face to face contact will be where the focusing the bulk of financial and personnel resources during your campaign focused around key swing states, as well as reinforcing our position is republican dominate states. In the following pages, is a detailed account of how this three pronged battle strategy and why it will lead to effect campaign. Doctor Carson, for the 2016, the Wolf and Williams consulting group, has devised a three pronged battle strategy focusing around free media coverage specialized advertisements, and face to face contact. The spear point of our strategy is free media coverage, freeing up financial assets and personnel assets to other areas of your campaign. The free media champing strategy will be focused around one on one interviews, as well as appearances on certain media platforms in a controlled environment. Media contact has to be…

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