Essay about Doctor Assisted Suicide And Suicide

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Question 2.

Rachels may struggle with the fact that this law would allow doctor assisted suicide for any reason, even personal choice. She believes the right thing to do is that which brings the most happiness and reduces suffering to the greatest amount of people and that each situation should be analyzed to determine the best choice. She would think that in certain cases, doctor assisted suicide could certainly reduce suffering compared to no suicide or a DYI suicide and that we should try to ensure that it’s only these cases in which a doctor assisted suicide happens. For this reason, Rachels wouldn’t support a blanket approval of suicides, as this law allows but she would be supportive of a law that had steps in place to ensure each suicide would end more suffering then it created. These measures may require approval from immediate family so there’s not the intense suffering that could arise from a situation in which someone received doctor assisted suicide but their family didn’t approve and now has to deal with the undesired death of a family member or spouse. She would oppose this law and try to get one with the described case-by-case analysis.
On the other hand, a rule utilitarian would support this law because as general rule, this law would reduce suffering. Sure, there would be cases where this law would cause suffering that wouldn’t otherwise exist – for example, someone who would never commit a DIY suicide may not choose suicide under this law and cause…

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