Do You Want Lies With That? Essay examples

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Morgan Spurlock is the author of “Don’t Eat This Book” where the excerpt “Do You Want Lies with That?” comes from. He is a journalist, filmmaker and television producer. He produced and starred in the documentary “Supersize Me” which gives us insight as to why he the chose over-consumption as the topic for his book. In “Do You Want Lies with That?” Spurlock gives many examples such as smoking, the car industry, and retail industry to show us how big the issue of over consumption is. He argues whether it is personal responsibility or corporate responsibility for the over consumption problem in America. Spurlock has created a strong argument through his use of ethos, pathos and logos to show that he believes it is corporate responsibility for over consumption (908). He uses personal experience, statistics, imagery, and strong word choice that draw his readers into his argument.
Spurlock believes that advertising plays a huge role in over-consumption and is the reason we may buy things that we know are bad for us or things we may not need. Spurlock shares, “My grandfather smoked all the way up until his death at a grand old age, and my folks are just following in his footsteps-despite the terrifying warning on every pack” (909). This quote shows that he has personal experience with the topic he is arguing and we now have a reason to trust Spurlock. The story he shares is an example of ethos, it gives him the authority to write on the subject because he has experienced it…

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