Do You Use Data And Information To Track Daily Operations And Overall Organizational Performance Case Study

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1. How do you use data and information to track daily operations and overall organizational performance? The data are obtained through multiple sources to include Web RMS which is an incident and operations reporting system along with the Daily Operations Report (DOR), DMC incident reports and SITREPS. Each are used to track ongoing operations and daily activities. As noted in a previous question, daily performance is tracked using the DMC blotter and strength report. Organizational performance tracking is accomplished through the Enterprise Information System (EIS) that tracks operation shields, Facility Security Committee (FSC) meetings, covert testing and outside LE interaction.

2. How do you select and effectively use comparative data
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How do you project your organization’s future performance? This is established through input from all areas within the agency to develop a comprehensive list of future initiates in developing an overall goal. These initiatives are then used for comparison and contrast with previous goal expectations and completion. Future performance can also be predicted by analyzing past performances and establishing a benchmark for evaluation and comparison purposes.

8. How do you use findings from performance reviews (addressed in question 5) to develop priorities for continuous improvement and opportunities for innovation? This is done through goal setting, therefore establishing new objectives to build upon current accomplishments and develop new and improved ideas in performing the tasks. Through analysis the current performance levels are reassessed, therefore raising the bar of acceptance to increase productivity. This can be accomplished by using the agency’s Performance Work Plan (PWP) to establish new priorities based on acceptable
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Organizational data are continually evaluated for accuracy and correctness, which requires an ongoing review of existing data to insure it follows applicable standards and organizational requirements as it relates to law enforcement duties.
4) How do you ensure the security of sensitive or privileged data and information? A majority of the agencies data is law enforcement sensitive. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request is necessary to obtain certain forms that are not law enforcement sensitive. Training regarding the safeguarding of classified information is conducted utilizing PALMS to reinforce tight security measures for the storage and access of organizational data. There are specific requirements regarding the security of sensitive and secret information that is for authorized use only. There are safeguarding guidelines that must be followed regarding classified information. Classified information is restricted to authorized personnel with approved security clearances that require an extensive background check in the handling and storage of classified data. Criminal penalties are enforced for the mishandling of classified

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