Do The Right Thing Spike Lee Essay

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Many societies have a valid viewpoint on moral rules, principles that help distinguish between right and wrong decisions. In his joint, Do The Right Thing Spike Lee reaves a popular 1980’s film that focuses on the impact of racism in, Bedford-Stuyvesant of Brooklyn, New York. Mookie, the protagonist is a pizza delivery man who works at Sal’s pizzeria. He has many moral rules for all his actions that occur throughout the film, although many of them go against his beliefs, especially during the climax. Mookie does not follow his own advice which leads up to his actions that occur in the climax, and his wrong decisions impacts the society as a whole. Mookie does the wrong thing due to his amiss reactions, of throwing the trash can which destroys Sal’s Pizzeria. Mookie’s actions confirms his failure to do the right thing;as a hypocrite, through the destruction of Sal Pizzeria, and his ambiguous decisions throughout the film.

Mookie’s lack of integrity shows by throwing the trash can through the window of Sal’s Pizzeria. Many of Sal’s customers were black people and one of their unsatisfied customers was Buggin’ Out. Buggin’ Out walked in the pizza store and purchases a slice of pizza and realizes that there are only pictures of famous white people on the wall of great, so he than states “Sal, how come you ain 't got no brothers up on the wall here?” After some quarrel involving this decision, Mookie tells Buggin’ Out that he needs to be calm and not start any problems…

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