Do People Look At Gender? Essay

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Do People Look at Gender? Politics have many different components and sub-branches. There are different levels and positions in government. Every role needs someone who will do their best to help our country strive to the best of its abilities. Finding people to fit those positions can be a difficult task and very time consuming. The best way to find the person suitable for the job is to look at all of their qualifications and their capabilities to fulfill the position. Most people do not do this. They just look at what the person has on the outside and not whether they are able to work properly. People look at someone who if well known in the community and who have a high position already. Most importantly they look at the gender. In our society, a man is seen to be more powerful than a woman. The reason is that men hold most of the powerful positions in our country. People do not want to have a woman in charge because they feel that a woman cannot handle the pressure that the jobs come along with. This has always been an issue in our country. “The United States of America now ranks ninety-eighth in the world for percentage of women in its national legislature, down from 59th in 1998” according to The Nation. Other countries look at women with a more profession view. They see that women can handle having careers in government. If other countries see this, why doesn’t America? The problem with America goes back to the beginning of politics. Men never felt that women…

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