Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night Poem Essay

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Life is composed of singular opportunities and chances. When faced with the position of death; generally people try to accept that death in itself is a natural force that can not be stopped. It is not welcolmed by any means; however no percipetive or sane individual would try to go against something so powerful. The concept of death and life has been explored by many poets before; all seeming to agree that death is a natural type of rest; one in which everything is left in mystery. Contrary to others the author, Dylan Thomas believed that death should not consume the indivdual; in a dark twist to the ordinary “Carpe Diem” poems. His own inspiration for this type of poem would be the coming death of his bed-ridden father; which he later titled …show more content…
Thomas uses effective methods such as metaphors, refrain, and diction, to portay the idea that death is inevitable, but it should be fought against for as long as possible.
To begin, metaphors are the most evident devices to discern in the poem, “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night.” However, althought spotting the metaphors themselves in the poem is a simple task the metaphors are quite complex. For example when the author is describing the story of “good” men going through death, Thomas writes, “Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay”(9). Through a quick skim at the line it is obvious that this is a metaphor; it compares frail deeds to dancing. But, it becomes clear what the message behind the line when thought of it in relation to oneself. People can relate dancing to feelings of joy and excitement. Frail deeds obviously cannot dance, but Thomas connects dancing to moments where an accomplishment brought the reader happines
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“Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” (3). Certain words in the passage add different perspectives on life and death. Describing the gentleness of the good night, which is death, creates the idea that death is preferable as well as inevitable. Then a shft is present in raging and burning against the good night, which is now described as the death of light. The “dying of the light” and the “good night” give two views on death. Passage demonstrates the understanding that death is inevitably going to come, however, it is important to live for as long as possible regardless of how gentle and good death can be. “Those wise men know that dark is right/ Because their words forked no lightning they/ Do not go gentle into that good night” (Thomas 2). Specific words create the mood of what the author wants the reader to understand. Calling the men wise is important to show their point of view on death, that it is inevitable and even necessary for proper living. Again, calling death good puts death in a positive light. The passage shows the understanding of wise men that death will inevitably come regardless of what they do, but even death can be good and gentle. Diction helps create the mood of death, giving it different contrasts and views. However the overarching theme that death is inevitable is very

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