Dna Modification Is The Ultimate Carrier Of An Organism 's Genetic Information

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DNA Modification

DNA is the ultimate carrier of an organism’s genetic information. The particular sequence of amino acids determines a being’s height, eye color, susceptible diseases, and precise blueprint. Recent studies have shown that this genetic outline does not have to be permanent. New fields of science such as epigenetics and germ line editing are slowly reshaping the status quo of genetics. Genetic modification is no longer limited to food and animals because scientists are discovering new ways to adjust human DNA. DNA modification is an emerging study, and there are two main types that may hold the answers to eliminating prevalent diseases in the world today. The genetics field is an ever-changing sector of science. Since the beginning of civilization, the nature of plants and animals has been improved by selective breeding (Woodward). Selective breeding or artificial selection can be described as manipulating reproduction by mating creatures with specific alleles to obtain a desired phenotype. In other words, a farmer may want to breed his strongest bull with the female cow that produces the most milk. This strategy produces the most efficient offspring and salary for farmers. This idea was publically formulated after Gregor Mendel’s works were published in 1866 (O’Neil). Mendel discovered the fundamental laws of inheritance and proved why offspring receive certain traits from parents. Mendel created the genetics field, which opened the door to learning more…

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