Dna Modification And Restriction Genes Essay

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1. What information (for example, genome size, number of genes, etc) did you find to be the most interesting in this article? Why did you find this information to be interesting?

The information that I found to be the most interesting is that “all of the 73 mobile element and DNA modification and restriction genes have been removed, as well as most genes encoding lipoproteins”. Given that at least one of the many definitions of life includes the aspect of movement and response to the environment in any given organism, I would have thought that these researchers would have kept some of the motor proteins to adhere to this definition rather than deleting some of the genes that regulate this sort of expression. Along with this, the deletion of lipoproteins surprised me as well due to their necessity in constructing the ever needed cell membrane, but since these researchers controlled for the environment that these synthesized bacterium were being grown in, they were able to use a “rich medium to supply almost all of these required small molecules”, and as a result create an even smaller genome. So by restricting their definition of a living organism and controlling extensively for the environment they were able to achieve what they intended to.

2. In this article, what sections did you find easy to comprehend and what sections did you find to be difficult? The section headings are highlighted in the article. For the most part, this article was straightforward enough to…

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