Dna in Criminal Investigation Essay

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Since its discovery in the 1980’s, the application of DNA has been utilized in many ways. When Deoxyribonucleic Acid, or DNA is examined, a precise decoding of genetic information is revealed. With the exception of identical twins, every person’s genetic code (commonly referred to as a Genetic Fingerprint) is inherited and unique. From Maury advising men everyday on TV “You ARE the Father!” or “You are NOT the Father!” to learning the descendents of former slaves are related to President Thomas Jefferson, we have come to rely upon and expect the accuracy of DNA. DNA almost immediately transformed the American Criminal Justice System. Law Enforcement, District Attorneys, Defense Attorneys, Criminal Court and Family Court all work …show more content…
In this case DNA of her assailant was left in the form of a single bead of sweat left on the steering wheel of her car. Finally a sample of DNA evidence! The DNA of the unknown assailant matched the DNA from numerous other rape victims. The detectives looked backed upon the old unsolved cases. In 1981, one rape victim saw a man she believed to be her attacker. She wrote down his license plate number and gave it to the police. The owner of the vehicle had provided a solid alibi for the rape to the police. The victim reported she was able to recognize the vehicle, not the owner of the vehicle. Twenty five years later, the police again visited the owner of the car with the alibi. He finally admitted to the police that his nephew, Altemio Sanchez, had borrowed his vehicle on the day in question. If the DNA of Altemio Sanchez was a match of the DNA taken from Joan Diver’s vehicle and the other victims, the Bike Path Rapist/Killer would finally be identified. The police followed Sanchez for about ten days. Unaware he was under surveillance, Sanchez and his wife stopped in to a restaurant to eat while three undercover detectives were at the bar watching them enjoy their meal. After Sanchez left the restaurant, the police left the restaurant with the water glass and silverware Sanchez had used. The police now had DNA samples from the suspect and numerous crime scenes. The samples were an exact match, and Sanchez was arrested

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