Divorced With A Teen By Richard Russo Essay

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Jodi Thongsy
Professor Garman
English 1A Section #1374
25 September 2014

Divorced with a Teen
In his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, Empire Falls, Richard Russo depicts the lives of average people in a deserted town of Empire Falls, Maine. Two of the primary characters in the story are Miles Roby, a hard working father that manages the Empire Grill, and Janine Roby, Miles ex-wife. The two have a long history together. They once shared a life together as married couple, but things change when she cheats on him to be with Walt Cameau. Which’d set off a chain of events that led to a divorce and Christina, “Tick”, Miles and Janine daughter to resent her mother and Walt.
After twenty years of marriage, Miles and Janine had separated and went their own ways. In the middle of their divorce, Miles relationship grew closer to his daughter “ Since he and Janine had separated, a separation of a different sort had occurred between himself and Tick, the exact nature of which he’d been trying for a long time to put his finger on”(Russo 29). Tick took the divorce hard on her mother because “from the start that it was Janine’s idea, and as a result she’d been much tougher on her mother than on Miles, so tough that simple fairness had required him to remind her that the person who wants out of a marriage isn’t necessarily the cause of its failure”(Russo 29)
Since the separation, “Miles and Janine had been able to agree on some things when their marriage came apart was that they wouldn’t…

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