Divorce Is The Legal Termination Of A Marriage Essay

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In today’s society divorce is just an everyday thing that just happens. Divorce is not a fun thing to go through. People who have not experienced divorce or have been close to someone who has been through it, has no idea how hard it is. Many people don’t understand the lasting effects it has on a human being, they think it will just hurt for a little bit and then it will all get better and back to “normal”. It doesn’t work that way. It’s sad how many people go through with a divorce without even trying to saving their marriage or just didn’t try hard enough. This essay will explain to you what divorce is, some statistics about divorce, why it may occur, the effects it could have on people, and how you could prevent a divorce. So what is divorce? Divorce is the legal termination of a marriage. Someone may argue that divorce is the same as a legal separation, but it’s not. With a legal separation you can’t get remarried. The divorce rate for women under 20 is 27.6% and men 11.7%. For women ages 20 to 24 it is 36.6% and men 38.8%. And then for ages 35 to 39 women are 5.1% and men 6.5%. The rate of first marriages ending in the U.S. is 40% to 50%, in second marriages it is 60% to 67%, and 70% to 73% in third marriages. The average cost for a divorce is $15,000. Thats a lot of money to spend to end something. Also in the U.S. a divorce happens every 36 seconds. That is nearly 2,400 divorces per day, 16,800 per week, and 876,000 per year. Those are pretty big numbers to be…

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