Essay on Divorce Is The Hardest For Parents

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In todays time we see a lot of blended families, such as stepfather, stepmother, single parents, also cohabiting relationships. With different structure of family system compared to the two biological parents, how do parents and even children adjust to these changes? Does having joint or sole custody of a child differ? Also which family system is the hardest for parents and children to adapt to? We all know a child, whose parents have been divorced, remarried, are single parents, or have multiple relationships. So how do the children and parents learn to get along with new family members, did they adjust well, or fail? As reported by Brody, Neubaum, and Forehand (1998) one half to two thirds of who divorce will remarry within 3-5 years. Even more research shows that divorce is higher in second marriages compared to first time marriages (Booth & Edwards, 1992). Therefore, its no surprise we see a lot of blended families. Combining a new family with new siblings, and parent’s figures can be a daunting task, you don’t always know what to expect. Joining stepfamilies can be hard because the biological parent(s) has already established a relationship with their child, while the stepfather or mother is still trying to adjust and understand. Stepparents and stepchildren don’t share a history or commitment together. And these factors are very important factors in stepfamilies functioning (Crosbie-Burnett, 1984). Stepfamilies that can learn to develop and work together tend to…

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