Divorce Is Not The Full Reason Essay example

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There is positive news for parents pondering if their breakup will affect their children’s capability to have a serious relationship later in life. A study at Penn State University discovered children of divorced parents are not more likely to develop commitment issues than those who grew up in a whole household. This study observed six hundred single parent families for seventeen years and discovered that kids who had more trust in others maintained a closer relationship with both the father and mother after the divorce. New research suggests that divorce is not the full reason for some of the children’s behavioral problems. Allen Li, associate director of the Population Research Center at the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, California says that it just really depends on the marriages and the family. She concludes that divorce is neither good nor bad. Robert Emery of the university at Charlottesville agrees that past research is overly dramatic in assuming divorce causes behavior problems. In a study of Allen Li’s, he did not compare children of married parents with the children of divorced parents, but he examined the children’s behavior before and after the divorce. Li’s examination from kids ages four to fifteen calculated behavior problems like crying, cheating or arguing regularly. He only found a minor increase of bad behavior in children after the divorce; the amount is so small that it is not even significant. The bad behavior may have begun before the divorce…

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