Negative Effects Of Divorce On Children

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Natalie Sullenberger
Professor Matsen
English 1010-HK1
22 November 2016
Divorce is something that is looked down on in society, it is something that was looked down on long ago and it still is to this day. Many people do not believe in divorce because they say it causes many problems throughout a family, such as tearing families apart. But on the other hand, there are the few that believe divorce is okay; they believe that divorce can give that person a choice in life, divorce can save that person from certain things that are happening in their lives. People should be for divorce because it can stop physical abuse or any other detrimental thing that could possibly be happening in their lives. Divorce is something that is usually frowned
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Many believe that divorce has a huge negative impact on children, and can cause them to have many problems in the future. It is said that divorce tears the child and the parents apart, and it has many effects on the child. According to Jann Gumbiner, who is a licensed psychologist and clinical professor at the University of California, Irvine College of Medicine, and served on the faculty at Chapman University, “There are ugly e-mails, violent phone calls, and frequent trips to family court. Big threatening judges in dark robes take preteens into small rooms and ask them who they want to live with. "Choose your mother or father." It is naïve to think this doesn 't impact children,” (Gumbiner 1). Gumbiner explains how these things may have huge effect on children, it may change their personalities and how they act in the future. One other reason people believe that divorce is bad is because, they believe it may cause a child to have relationship problems in the future. According to Geraldine Piorkowski, who wrote in her article “Adult Children of Divorce Are More Likely to Have Relationship Issues” how children are likely to have problems in their future because of the divorce they have gone through. Piorkowski states, “Adult children of divorce are more likely to get divorced than others. Without having a "blueprint" for a healthy long-term relationship, these individuals may jump from one relationship to another or avoid them altogether. Some adult children of divorce see minor flaws and benign incidences as red flags; magnifying their sensitivities and making them feel unsafe in relationships and wary of love,” (Piorkowski 1). Divorce may cause children to have major trust issues in the future; children of divorce often seek out partners who they want to fill the void of the parent that let them down. When that person is found they are usually very similar to the mother

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