Divorce : Causes And Effects Essay

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In this society today, divorce has become a normal thing of life. There are many reasons why divorces happen. Divorce in a sense is a cause and effect in itself. Many facets that contribute the cause of divorce are financial issues, addictions and infidelity. There are much more contributing factors but we will focus on those for mentioned. Marriage is the effect of divorce. When obstacles seem hard to get over, you are unable to get along with your spouse and there seem to be no other choice but to get a divorce.
Many people have come to conclusion that capital/financial issues is the cause for majority of divorces. In the United States fifty five percent of divorces are caused by money problems. Capital plays a big role in society and in marriages. Lack of it causes friction between a union. Problems with budgeting and over spending is a cause of financial cause of divorces. These habits can cause stressful situations that lead to toxic relationships, which lead to divorce.
The next common cause of divorce is addiction. Addictions can cause a strain on a marriage when a spouse neglect and/or abuse the other spouse. Also, the addict will make financial issues even worse because they will drain all of the bank accounts in order to maintain their drug/alcohol habit. This will result to the non-addict to become depressed, angry and sad. This is a sure sign that there will be a divorce. Some addicts are functional. Functional, in meaning that even though they are addicted to…

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