Divorce And Its Effects On Children Essay

947 Words Oct 30th, 2014 4 Pages
Each year, millions of children all over the world suffer from the divorce of their parents. Divorce causes irreversible tension to all involved, but most all of to the children; Divorce permanently weakens the relationship between children and parents. It leads children down a destructive path for the future and detrimentally impacts the individual in numerous ways. Divorce weakens the child’s overall health, increasing behavioral, emotional, and psychiatric risks, even including suicide. Crime is increased as well as, abuse/neglect, and drug use. Household incomes become an issue considering it gets deeply cut after a separation. Education is a huge issue while dealing with divorce. It affects the child’s learning capacity and educational attainment. Commitment issues and/or expectations to never marry or divorce are a recurrent problem to those that are victims of divorce as well. Throughout this paper one will see how serious divorce is on adolescences and how it is becoming an even bigger issue as the rate of divorce continues to increase. Health of the child can easily be affected during/after divorce. The child is constantly in a stressful environment and can easily turn to things in order to cope with the issue. Children of divorced parents suffer from the lack of emotional support from both parents. Mothers tend to be less affectionate and communicative with their children and in return start to discipline them more harshly. Fathers have the decline in time that…

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